Alerted in real-time about down services

Manage, create, move, rebuild, or delete. Everything from on panel.


100% encrypted backups in with 2 in Cyprus, and 2 in Spain and Romania.


Each server can be serviced or updated without affecting the uptime of the services.

The current setup is protected by Cloudflare.

All the services are protected by Cloudflare and the admin panels have the Zero Trust access list to block any brute force attacks. Many services work under specific IPs and denies the access from any other location.

No exposed ports required for any of the services running. Cloudflare Tunnel acts as a reverse proxy running on multiple dockers to provide high availability and lower downtime.

Remote and Local Backups

All the systems are covered by multiple Proxmox Backup Servers, with two backups on the LAN, one on a Synology NAS with a RAID configuration and one dedicated PBS. And another two backup sites, in Spain and Romania, there are VPSs running PBS. The backups are encrypted before going to the remote locations. Verified daily in order to avoid any corrupted backups in case of disaster. And keeps all the VMs and Containers up to 40 days. The remote connections have two ways to connect, Tailscale tunnels and IPSEC through Mikrotik.

Manage and Deploy containers through Portainer Business

Some of the services running

Bitwarden Password Manager



Invoice Ninja

Network Controller

And many more like, RocketChat (Slack alternative), Snipe-IT (Assets Management), UpTimeKuma (Monitoring), Wireguard&Tailscale relays (VPN), 3CX Telephony Systems, Netbox (Network Documentation), WordPress websites etc.

For any questions please contact me via the live chat, call me through the chat button or via email:

[email protected]